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Updated on July 23rd, 2014 :: We can hack a Facebook password for only $100.00 (United States Currency). We can also hack Yahoo password, hack Hotmail password, hack Gmail password, hack Windows Live password, hack any email password, and many others.

In addition we offer for sale our unique Hacking software, “Hack-It-Yourself v12.4.7721“. We are making this offer for a limited time at a special discounted sale price of US $599. You can hack into someone Facebook password within few minutes. Contact us for more details.

c43239877aac3da821846fb498428a61 Active Hackers :: Hack Facebook password for US $100 SPECIAL OFFER: We offer our professional services to hack Facebook passwords, hack Yahoo passwords, or crack hack Hotmail passwords (and many others as well) for only US $100. We can often provide the password within 72 hours with many solid proofs (inbox screen shot, a certain email in the inbox, your own message sent to target person, or anything else). Click here to submit your order and we will do the rest.

If you don’t know how to hack someone Facebook password, or a Yahoo password, hire us, we will crack that password for you for US $100.

To download for FREE the hacking software “Hack-It-Yourself v12.4.7721″ (Trial Version) – click download Hack-It-Yourself v12.4.7721. The program can help you to hack not only Facebook password, Hotmail password but also Yahoo or Windows Live password, and many other passwords.

Please note that we do not provide e-mail, phone, chat or live chat support for the Demo Trial Version. If you need help, please simply view the video demo.

People is just happy with Active Hackers Facebook hacking service:

I don’t know what to say… I’m absolutely FLOORED. After about a week I became very skeptical. “OK, this guy’s just making fake guestbook entries and collecting cash…”. I emailed them asking if this was the case, he kindly responded that he was working on hacking the Facebook password requested. Next day, a screenshot. Not a doctored screenshot, because I remember what the Facebook inbox looks like and all the folders in it. No, it was real, with real emails from me. I was still skeptical, thinking, “OK, maybe he has some program that can hack Facebook account, but can it really get passwords?” I paid, in reality it is not a lot of money in the end. The Facebook password hacked even made me skeptical, it was so simple. Certainly it’s possible, I’ve researched it, but could this guy really be who he says he is? But low and behold, it’s the real one. I’m shocked from my doubt. This guy Active Hackers is the real thing. I’m still in shock. Thanks man, I can’t thank you enough. My heart can breathe a little better, now. (Sorry it’s so long, lol)

From: Jennifer G., US

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A really way to hack Facebook password! This service is absolutely 100% no bullsh*! They really do what they say they will do and they do it quick. My advice to anyone who uses this service, however, is to really take some time to think about if you really want to go digging; because when you go digging what you will usually find, as they say, is dirt. I personally feel very liberated having found out what I did, but i also had sort of prepared myself for it beforehand and had a gut feeling already. I needed absolute proof, though, and I got it. Be careful what you wish for because if its getting into your ex’s email ActiveHackers will grant your wish.

From: Brenda Lawson

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We are actually providing the current active password. Once you get the password, you will be sharing the password with the account’s owner. Although we request a small deposit to insure that your are serious about your inquiry, you will only need to pay us once we have completed our work and you are satisfied with the proof – (Payment Methods). We provide a 100% guarantee for our work. Plus we guarantee total privacy of your information. No legal hassles.

We can hack Facebook password, hack Windows Live password, hack MSN password for $100. Watch to learn how we hack a password with our famous hacking software: Hack-It-Yourself v12.4.7721.

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